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Mooka Pam Mortiki
       "Impossible, ha the word it's self says "I'm possible"

Underside proves:Female, Fae, Girly, Lady, Lass, Baroness, Huntress,Heroine
Hour glass started on:January 27, 2016 (exactly 1 year, 3 months)
Ears perk to: Mooka, Mook, Mooks  
Full name:Mooka Pam Mortiki  
Name Meaning:Soul Eater(Old wolf), Hope vanquisher(Timber Wolf), Life Ender(Arctic Wolf)
Timber wolf blood runs through veins
Damed by:Unknown
Step Mother:Haluet  
Sired by:Blood Unis Mortiki
Scent of:storm  
Tongue speaks with a slight western accent  

Physical weaknesses  
Lame in front left leg
sensitive tail tip

Physical strengths
Strong hind legs
Strong jaw
Long tail for agility  

Mental weaknesses
Past consumes her
When rushed to comply, she may tell a version of the truth

Mental strengths
Remarkable memory
Can take in many details in a short amount of time
Quick thinker

Can get monotonous-
May have the aura of: Stingy, monotonous, grey, serious, deadly, calm, anti-social, unkind, uncaring, unfriendly, powerful
After she warms up to you: Loyal, courageous,selfless, angered, deadly, friendly, humorous, kind, powerful, caring

Pack life
Use to run with:Murky Waters , Tai pack
Held the position of:Pit Fighter , assassin
Now runs with: Sangue Versato
Holds the position of:Recruit
Wishes for the position of: Fighter
Loyal to:Xis Armelle/ SV

Love life:
Eyes follow:1
Tries to impress:1
Heart flutters when near:1
Tries to be by:1
Day dreams of:0
In a relationship with:Meiko
Ended a relationship with:0
Crushed the heart of:0
Had heart demolished by:0
Recovered[ ]
Was mates with:0
Is mates with:Meiko
Had pups with:0
Has pups with:0

Is mates with:Meiko
Has been mounted 1x
Forced 0x
Successful ?x
Unsuccessful 0x
In heat: Yes[X] Soon[  ] No[  ]
Has 0 pups
Has 0 grandpups
Is an aunt to:Unknown  
Is a sibling to:1(Slythya Mor Heedith)

Taken the souls of many informally  
Taken the souls of 1 formally
Been in 6 skirmishes  
Won 2 skirmishes
lost 1 skirmish
Tied 3 skirmishes

Ails to no sickness  
Defeated by no disease  
Pestered by no parasite  
In heat:yes[X] soon[ ] no[ ]

Mental strength:19/20(+++++++++++++++++++-)
Physical strength:15/20(+++++++++++++++-----)
Emotional intellect:17/20(+++++++++++++++++---)
Fighting formally/ skirmishes:16/20(++++++++++++++++---)
Medical knowledge:14/20++++++++++++++------)
Hunting knowledge:18/20(++++++++++++++++++--)
Killing knowledge (quickest way to end a life through a series of pressure points,weakspots,and sensitivity):18/20(++++++++++++++++++++)

Lady Armelle, Hope, Scylla
Is friendly towards:
Insomnia, Meiko
Is neutral to:
Xensor , Willam
Blood, Mih
Is Mourning:
"I'm not your mother...more of a big sister"
In Recovery[ ]
Never Recovered [ ]
"How on earth did you do that?"
In Recovery[ ]
Never Recovered[ ]

Theme song(s)
Till I collapse by:Eminem
Monster by:Imagine Dragons[/center]

Backstory:On a cold, dark, and drizzling January night, Mooka Pam Mortiki was born into a small rouge group called Murky Water's. From a young age, her father (Blood) had her pit fight for the groups amusement, with the belief that she would excel in the art of Krav Maga, and, essentially, help him continue as the alpha. It was her duty to not only pit fight, but kill her father's rival's, his competition, with that came fear from her pack, and, in result, she was introverted and confused for most of her life. Mooka had never talked to anyone outside of the ring, and when she did, her words were that of apology for taking the opposes soul (killing them). She did not know why she apologized, but if she didn't she would feel subconsciously guilty. In one of her attempts, her competitor revolted and bit the joint in her front left leg, making her lame. Soon after this, she could not fight as well, and Blood decided to exile her. Mooka then went on as a rouge herself, these times were arduous and long for Mooka. She wallowed in her thoughts from time to time. It seemed as if she had lost her soul to her depression, from that depression rose a monster who sought to kill Blood, but slowly. In her internal fire, came a plan born from the ashes of hate, and fueled by the hatred of love. She would kill the only one who meant anything to her father, that was her step mother. Beautiful as a glistening drop of sunlight on delicate flakes of ever white snow, her step mother was, but, on the inside, she was as hollow as a rotten log, emptied with time. It took days for Mooka to get back to the pack which she sought to never return. She went, silent as an owl eagerly hunting unsuspected prey, to the den of the alphas where her "mother" was sleeping. Mooka went in the den, dragging her lame leg with her. She crept up to the sound asleep dame, looking for the tast of victory that only blood could cure. Mooka opened her light grey, strong jaws and bit down on the neck artery, the effect was satisfying, the dame opened her eyes, riddled with pain and fear, Blood pouring from the deadly wound in her neck, she opened her mouth to screech for help, but only a sickening gurgle sound came, she was drowning in her own blood. Her father snapped awake at the sound, from across of him, but he was too late, his beloved mate was dead, and the only evidence of Mooka was her storm like scent, and a bushy grey figure in the distance.
With her vengeance came sorrow as she ran, she knew that Blood would now call for her head, but guilt also settled in, like pestering worms coming from rotten meat, worms that you cannot rid yourself of. However, there also was ease, that she had avenged, or made a difference to those that Blood had killed. She went into hiding days later, she was exhausted, for she had run for days without stop for sleep. She found herself a hollowed out stump in which she would stay to rejuvenate from her travels. This is where she met Holloway, not even a month old, no more no less, he had lost his pack, due to his blindness. She had stumbled upon him when she was seeking moss for the log, she could smell the creosote, the smell of rain, the smell of life, coming closer and closer. She had seen a small wad of fur, so matted that she could barley tell what it was, she went to investigate , expecting a meal out of a large rodent, but, as she got closer, she realized it was some sort of canine. Her stomach growled painfully, but, she had never eaten another canine, for she saw how those who ate the meat of their cousins became crazed and deadly.she went up to the small canine only to find that it was alive, as soon as it sensed the warmth around her, it instantly attempted to get up, and muzzle into the warmth, that was a funny thing, not only was he blind, but also mute, she felt a pang of pitty for the male and brought him to her "camp" in the log. Weeks past, and he grew quickly, Mooka grew to him as a mother would grow to a pup, until that one fateful day. Mooka had been out hunting for winter hares, and left Holloway at the log, alone,little did she know that a cougar had a den nearby, and a disabled pup was more than enough for a sustaining meal. When she came back, expecting the pup to come up and happily greet her, she saw a gruesome sight, the log was broken, and smeared with blood, a patch of Holloway's fur,light, brown, and soft,as it floated freely in the air. Mooka felt as if her insides had dropped out, and for many days she grieved, watch the blood, once so bright red, harden, and darken into brown crust. She knew when it was time to move on, and, with a broken heart, and soul, she walked off. She knew that she needed a pack and needed to find one quickly, she then stumbled upon a pack that impressed her, she observed, intreged on how they treated one another, on how the communicated, and worked together. She finally had enough courage to go to their leader or they called it Xis to ask permission to join, her heart jumped as she was accepted with open arms and full hearts. Though she was still introverted and depressed, the pack seemed to ease the pain. One in particular, a large male with similar scars on his leg to hers, soon, they became friends, Mooka felt comfortable talking to him, she had never felt that way before him ;that male was Meiko. She had never really noticed, but Meiko seemed to stare at her when she wasn't looking, and when she did look, he would always look uncomfortable , and quickly flick his eyes away. One day, he approached her, looking more nervous then she had ever seen him. "Look, Mooka I have been thinking a lot about this, and I-"he stuttered for a moment before continuing "I love you, and I have loved you sense I saw you" he swallowed, licked his lips and added "Mooka...? Will you be my m-mate." She was taken aback by this, she had thought that they were just friends, but as she looked into his deep, pool like eyes, she realized that she loved him back. "Yes"she simply said, "I-I love you too." She said, even more flabbergasted. This was the beginning of her new life, this was the beginning of a new start, a new chance. She then realized, that for the first time in her life, she was truly happy.
       Time past and the time came for a decision of a family. Mooka felt unsure but deep inside she wanted to care for more helpless, see life spring up at her care. She remembered Halloway, and how she loved him as if he were her own pup, she remembered the apprentice and how he could have lived, she made the decision clear in her mind, she wanted a family .  Time changed as it slowly past and death comes with it. With the snowfall came famine and with famine came death. She was one of the only survivors, one out of three: herself, her mate, and the Delta. She saw the frozen bodies of her once beloved pack shriveled with hunger.  For days they walked, searching for a pack that would adopt them, for days they went without food and rest. Fatigue was a commodity. Mooka, went ahead until she saw a pack, a pack she saw that reminded her greatly of her beloved family.  She went to introduce herself and her mate to them, looking for approval. The silver pelted female and her mate were approved, she realized that rebuilding ties and trusts would be hard, but, as time always works, things would change.


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