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1.  Obey the higher ups in any situation, regardless as to whether you like it or not. Their word is law, and disobeying will end with consequences.

2. If you are caught leaving the territory without a higher ranks  permission, you will be punished without warning regardless of age. Your punishment will be a beating by the higher ranks.

3.If you are caught having the pups with the enemy, you will be punished severely and your pups will be killed.

4. You will be a dedicated member. Should you try to leave the pack, you will be mauled and possibly killed [Please speak to the higher-ups if you’re leaving due to OOC issues; something can be arranged to prevent this from happening!].

5. Do not harm one another without say so from a high tier. They’re your family, and while there will be differences, you will be expected to remain respectful.

6. Antagonizing strangers is prohibited! There will be no intentional starting of fights in or out of pack without approval from high tiers [IC or OOC]. If you’re attacked, you may defend yourself - just don’t be the one to throw the first hit.

7.All new members must be active for at least 3 days until they’re able to get a starting rank.

8. Keep your characters semi-realistic, no horns, wings, neon pelts etc.

9.Only higher tiers can have pups, starting ranks/new members cannot have pups until they’re  at the appropriate rank.

10. Flirting in local is allowed, however don’t take it too far! Anything beyond PG-13 must be taken to party or whisper.

11. Drug use in roleplay (Getting High as a kite) is not allowed we aren't that type of pack.

12. RP is done in local, whisper or party. Group is reserved for OOC chat.

13. When RPing, please supply at least 3+ paragraphs{3 In game posts}per post. If you’re not able, 1 paragraph filled with detail will be acceptable, just not preferred.

14.Finally, it is IMPERATIVE that you can only switch from your current rank to another ONE time. Doing it multiple times only results in unnecessary training which can bug the trainers, so please make the right decision in choosing that rank so we won’t have those issues.


1.Don’t bring your OOC problems into IC. It is unnecessary and not needed around a bunch of people who actually want to have fun with activities or amongst one another. Anything personal can be taken into a party or whisper.

2. Don’t start any problems with any other groups  OOC. Your punishment will be decided by the higher tiers.

3. In order to prevent problems amongst other groups and/or individuals [as stated in rule #2], you will be asked to remain inside the territory until you are tier IV. This goes for both IC and OOC. This brings discipline within characters.

4. Be active in the pack, if you aren’t active in the pack without a reason your character will be kicked and you will have to start all over again. [You’ll go back to the start] Activity means getting online at least 3/4 times a week. 2 is acceptable with a valid reason at hand, if you do not have a reason at all that is reasonable, you will be deemed as inactive.

5. Harassment, map claiming, mate begging, and parent begging are prohibited. Do not proceed with anything of the sort or actions shall be taken against you.

6. You are allowed a maximum of 3 characters. The 3rd character is only available to you if you are able to HANDLE 3 characters. If not you do not need to take on three characters, because if you do we are going to advise you to remove i from the pack if it is being neglected or deemed as dead weight.

7. Keep in mind that this is a mature roleplay. While our members will be encouraged not to go all out, there may be instances where you will be offended. Please let the high tiers know if this occurs.

8. Always keep OOC and IC separate. What happens IC should not offend or anger you! You are a separate person from your character, there is a clear and crisp line between the two. Do not take it personally if it's IC.

9. Follow the regular FeralHeart rules. They’re there for a reason!


1. You must join the site upon becoming part of the group. It’s where everything you may need in regard to the pack can be found. If you are not able, please speak to a high tier to figure something out.

2. Try to check the site weekly at the very least! Important information may be added, so it’s a good idea to keep up to date.

3. Like in game, try to keep all posts relatively PG-13. Anything more mature than that can go on out to party or whisper.

4. Post your character references, artwork,presets, etc., in the correct forum.

5. Do not steal other people’s work, if you do not want others to steal, please remember to place a watermark over your artwork.  
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