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Post by Ekhanii on Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:52 pm

Ekhanii Gyariff
i. Birth
x. born as ekhanii gyariff brandt (later shortened to just gyariff)
x. fatherly blood from rodolfo brandt
x. motherly blood from pakali gyariff
x. grandparents (paternal) are kreiger brandt x khan (step grandfather is ettrick allardice)
x. grandparents (maternal) are unknown
x. born with kesi, sagira, layla, panya, kurt, denver, akhenton, halima, nefretiri, and theo
x. half blood ties to crisa, ludic, vervretin, bulite, and dizqaun through pakali x unknown
x. born on the 7th of february, 2017
x. sex reveals masculine | identity aligns with masculine | pronouns are he/him

ii. Life
x. gives loyalty to Sangue Versato
x. previously aligned with Grandeur
x. originally a loner
x. ranked as a recruit
x. aspiring to heal

iii. Persona
x. carefree
x. relaxed
x. fun loving
x. explorer
x. compassion deep down

x. irresponsible
x. arrogant
x. bully
x. idiotic
x. cool + detatched

x. hot tempered
x. impatient
x. self centered
x. antisocial
x. pessimistic

Secretly Wishes For
x. a chance to see his family again
x. a better life
x. to be a happier, kinder wolf
x. a love of his own
x. more friends
x. to not push others away

Spirit Animal
x. the butterfly, associated with change and transformation.
"The butterfly is a symbol of powerful transformations. By analogy to the development of this animal, meaning associated with the butterfly emphasizes the ability to move from one state, perspective, lifestyle to another."
- moving through life cycles
- renewal and birth
- lightness of being and playfulness
- elevation from earthly matters, and tuning into the emotional and spiritual
- the world of the soul and psyche

Star Sign
-  Aquarius

- Air

iv. Relationships
x. attraction favors females and males
x. specific attachment to none
x. curiosity for none
x. found beside none in particular
x. rendezvous the rest of his days with none

In relationships, especially when he is crushing on someone, Ekhanii may seem especially cold. He is known to have multiple curiosities at a time, and doesn't really know what he wants. He is very picky and will push someone away without a second thought if he finds even a small quality that he doesn't like. Ekha tends to be superficial with what and who he admires and no one can tell what will appease him. As to be expected, Ekhanii is only looking for a thrill. Being at that age where males start to awaken in sexuality, he has learned how to persuade those he favors into being with him *cough*, and will usually discard the wolf once he has finished with them. As he grows older Ekhanii will mature. He will come to realize that his behavior is wrong, and that taking advantage of others for their looks, status, and body, will not get his what he truly yearns for; love. True love had always seemed like a stupid thing to him, especially in his younger days, but will turn into something much more valuable in adulthood. Ekha is the type to settle down late, not preferring to have just anyone for the sole purpose of making babies. He strives for a deep connection that will last a lifetime.



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