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(Kyzetrox has no middle or last name.)

General Information

Ky, Trox


Two years, four months.

Unkown from birth, have not made contact since.

Unknown from birth, have not made contact since.

Straight, Aromantic-Grey Sexual.

Disinterested/Uninterested towards affection.

Unwilling to raise or reproduce.


Past Affiliations:
Human Experimental Subject, previous Rogue, Medic in the Resident-Sawtooth congregation.

Current Affiliations:
Sangue Versato


Future Rank Desired: ---

Personality and Social Status

Regular Demeanor:

Kyzetrox is known for his welcoming and calm behavior. He often makes an attempt to befriend and assist the members of the congregation if and when he can. Often alluded by the life stories of others, Ky enjoys the company of his acquaintances. Although rather inquisitive, Ky has extreme difficulty articulating about his past life, and often turns away from questions.


Ky's personality is usually halcyon and reserved. His attitude is  submissive; not so much assertive unless needed to be. Curiosity overwhelms him, but he understands his limits. He goes through the motion of feelings and can be heavily affected by it.

When slipping towards anger or sadism, Ky's usual personality diminishes. Everything from his bodily actions to demeanor is suddenly shot with insanity. In this state Kyzetrox is no longer present; he will attack, kill, or torture other wolves for sheer amusement. Unfortunately, such anger and insanity make it difficult to be logical - he becomes sloppy with his actions.

Personalities Include:

Kyzetrox is his 'main' personality, and the one most will become acquainted with. This persona takes most control, and is the second most sane personality he has. He is kind and usually gentle, very considerate of other canines and willing to work the best he can in the pack. Though kind, he does his best to protect without switching personalities in the process.

Anti-Social Kyzetrox (No name):
This personality has also taken Kyzetrox's name, however, one will quickly find out it isn't the /nice/ Kyze and should flee. This personality is the down-right definition of insane; fueled with anger and a lust for blood, he will often attack and attempt to kill those in his presence. If able to converse with this personality, his articulation is usually very abusive, and will do his best to anger others and become dominant. Furthermore, this is the personality that will spawn should any of Kyzetrox's personalities feel threatened, or in the process of having a post-traumatic flash back. It is his defensive personality.

Kyky is the puppy-personality that Kyzetrox made to keep himself entertained and happy. This personality is usually very mischievous and playful; though Kyky is in an adult body, his mind set is stuck as a child, and absolutely refuses the thought of adulthood. This personality is usually summoned when Kyzetrox is in a playful mood. He doesn't intend to switch, but Kyky always loves to play with others.

This personality is a warrior and trainer at heart. Troxus can become aggressive, but suits as a mentor, rather then an assailant. Troxus is Kyzetrox's 'trainer', and the one who enable him to be the competent brute he is. Troxus will mainly display himself in times of training, or when assertiveness and guardianship's necessary.

Styx is the mother of Kyzetrox, whom died in his early years. To compensate for this loss, little Kyzetrox had formed a personality based on his mother. This personality is known to be comforting and motherly-like; she is incredibly empathetic, and will do what she can to make the cold feel welcomed. To this day, Kyzetrox denies his mother is dead, confused and clueless that she's just a form of imagination. Styx may show herself at anytime, mainly when the pack is calm, or when motherly instincts are needed.


Ky, much like other wolves, was traumatized by his past. He now suffers from Dissociate Identity Disorder, Insomnia and Post-Traumatic Stress.


Present Injuries:

Infected wound located upon his left shoulder.

Infected wound located upon his right hip.

Claw markings infected on the right side of his visage.

Infection improperly healed on his left torso.

Infected, healing flesh around his left eye socket from when it was removed.

Past Injuries:

Minor wounds on his torso.

Tail torn from the tip.

Infected Left eye.


Blind in the left eye.

Glowing right eye from robotic transplant.

Limited tail movements from the tare.


(Small paragraphs with main and important detail.)

Years of Pup-hood

Kyzetrox was born within the middle of an isolated desert when his mother was forced to give birth. From there, his family, consisting of two other siblings and a father, continued what Ky would assume as a place for home. The reason and how and why they ended up in such a deadly environment was due to a deadly forest fire and raid of humans.

Eventually the deprivation of hunger and water began to take a toll upon the family. Kyzetrox's siblings turned on their parents, as the siblings where in better shape due to age; the parents began dragging them behind and they wouldn't suffice with it for much longer.

Kyz's siblings very slowly used the parents for food and hydration - refusing to fully kill them. They found it more convenient to have 'walking food',  rather then one meal, and the parents abided to save their young. In time the parents had their legs, torso, and face chewed until they became immobile by the damage - which then, they would be fully eaten.

Until the demise of his parents, Ky's father was the one who carried him. As both parents where eventually claimed by death, the teens decided to leave Kyzetrox behind so the newly pup would not become a burden.


When Kyzetrox was abandoned, he remained in the desert; he was a barely walking Pup. Luckily for the him their destination wasn't too far, and a rogue seemed to track him down by the scent of his parents dead bodies, of which Kyz clinged to during the time.

The Rogue, who Kyzetrox called "Dye", decided to raise the Pup to health. When Kyzetrox was old enough to hunt rabbits and squirrels by himself, the Rogue decided to take his leave. Kyzetrox awoke to see his guardian had left.

From childhood to adolescence, Ky was forced to survive by himself. At this time, the loneliness became too overwhelming, and his duo-personalities where slowly created to coop with the isolation. He calls these personalities his friends.

Kyzetrox mainly fed upon squirrels, hares, and even bugs as he was too young to hunt a deer by himself, and ultimately had no experience with hunting. However, that did not stop him from interacting with other species. He came in contact with several bears who've attacked him, and other wolves threatening him to stay away.

Within his travels, Ky eventually came in contact with a leopard, who gouged his right eye out, heavily damaged his left eye, and tore the tip of his tail off. He remained blind and without a functioning tail until an adult.


By then, Kyzetrox taught himself to be competent with hunting and fighting, regardless of his missing and damaged eyes. He was often harassed by animals as they sought out this disability, but he had adapted enough to fend for himself.

Kyzetrox's traveling came to an end when a group of humans discovered the forest. Ky was in shock - he couldn't understand what was approaching, and was easily trapped and tossed into a cage. The humans transferred Ky into a lab, where he was put to sleep for days on end.

When Ky finally awoke, his left eye vision had been replaced. He was able to see crystal clear, as if his eye was never damaged. Majority of his wounds healed, and his wolf coat was trimmed neatly. Ky immediately responded in a jubilant manner to the fellow scientists, who became his family for a brief amount of time.

The Scientists kept Kyzetrox to observe his adaption to the robotic eye. All seemed well, until Ky revealed to have vicious and consistent outbursts of rage. This outburst of sadism was taken care of with the use of shots and tazers - until Ky had attacked, and violently mauled a scientist.

It was undeniable as to what would happen next. Kyzetrox - the name the scientists had given him - was set to be put down. A day before his timed death, Kyzetrox managed to escape the facility, and ran into a nearby forest.

Sangue Versato was the group that took him in, despite his deformities.


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