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The birth of Tiberius
The first born son the the proud couple Veremis and his mate Astora, Tiberius was a rascal from the start. While his other three siblings nursed, and stayed by Astora, Tiberius was different, always curious, always wanting to explore, blindly crawling away from his parents after he nursed, instead of trying to sleep. "Heh, Astora, I think we've got an explorer on our paws." Veremis would always joke when he caught Tiberius and carried him back to his mother. Not seeing what was going on, Tiberius would almost always start squeaking and wiggling, even though he knew his father's scent. He learned though in time to stay close, after he heard his parents talking about how another pup had almost been snatched by a panther. Not a cheery though. So in his young years, his adventurous antics temporarily stopped. Well, until his eyes opened up, and he could walk properly instead of crawling. Then it was back to square one with him trotting off and wiggling his tail, almost challenging his parents. "Why can't you be more like your brother and sisters,
my little Bandit?" His mother cooed one day after he was nearly half way across the pack's home.

The adolescent years
Growing up along side his siblings, Tiberius enjoyed their days of playing, and even the friendly sibling rivalry that they had. Though they never took things too far. Then the day finally came. "Alright, you pups are now 9 months old. Your mother and I are proud of you. And as much as we don't want to, it's time you started your official training duties. My sons, you two will go to our warrior and guard trainer. And my daughters, you will both go to the medics." Veremis said. The young bloods weren't sure if their father was really sending them to the right places, but they still went to the designated trainers all the same, with no questions asked. They didn't want to disappoint their parents. "Think we can handle this?" Loki asked Tiberius, sounding rather nervous.
"Of course we can. We'll have each other bro, we'll be fine!" Tiberius said as he nudged his brother. "Last one there is a rotten egg!" Tiberius barked after running off. "HEY! NO FAIR!" Loki yipped running after him.

"Ah, fresh meat for the grinder, I see." Felix, the trainer said, as all the new young blood pups had gathered up. "Alright, I won't mince words here, yes, it'll be blunt, but it's the truth. You're all here to be our vanguard, our protectors . The pack will depend on you almost as much as we depend on our leaders. I don't run a branch for sissies, only warriors, and only guards." Felix said as he paced back and forth in front of Tiberius, his brother, and the other 4 warrior and guard candidates. "Your first challenge,
is a free for all, I want to see what you all know right now, and what we have to focus on." Felix says, and the young bloods started their spar. Tiberius and Locus ended up in the same 'team' and they continued to train together with their other partner, and were always excited when they were all called together to train together, instead of separately. Within two months, they were awarded their places as warriors or guards.

"Well done, you all earned your places in the pack! We're going out to celebrate!" Astora said as Veremis led the family off on a hunt to gather their food for the small family feast  after finding their place in the pack. While the parents stayed qyiet, the young blood shared the stories of their training with each other, some of them sounding extremely excited at one point, and nervouce at others. But they were all happy they'd pulled it off.

The war
"ALL WARRIORS AND GUARDS, FORM UP, HOSTILE PACK MOVING IN FROM THE NORTH! BATTLE POSITIONS, YOU WERE TRAINED FOR THIS!" Felix called. It had just turned spring, and Tiberius and his siblings had just become a year old, and spring had just hit. A pack that had been allied suddenly had a rebellion from with in, and had splintered off, not believing the alliance was the best for the pack. They'd attacked their own, and now were on a full war charge against Tiberius' home pack. The numbers were evenly matched and the two packs clashed without mercy. Snarls, barks, yelps, whines rang out, blood and fur quickly littered the ground. Tiberius fought along side Loki and Felix for the time the war raged. Half way through the battle, Tiberius heard a loud yelp and looked over to see that a hostile wolf had latched onto his brother's face... right at his right eye. It wasn't a pretty sight to see, the deep fang marks and his brother's eye removed. Tiberius died a little inside during that war, showing no mercy as he dispatched any enemy that came his way, and dealt with the wounds his suffered, but kept fighting as if nothing was happening. After two long hours, the enemy pack had surrendered, their wounded returned home for judgement, and the dead left where they lay. "Gather everyone up. We need to know how many we lost today." Felix said heavily, sounding very upset. The aftermath was almost as bad as the battle itself. Nearly twenty-four warriors had been killed, and fifteen guards. Seventeen wounded warriors and a dozen wounded guards. The victory had been costly. No one knew how costly, Tiberius least of all, until they got home and realized the enemy had sent a small group around to the rear of the territory. One of Tiberius' sisters had been killed, and Astora was seriously wounded.

The adult years & the split
The following six months were the hardest as the pack buried their fallen, and tended to their wounded.  After a long time, Veremis pulled Tiberius aside to talk to him out on their own. "We're not looking good. Your mother hasn't said much since Aleera was killed. Neither has Jasmine. Loki... he's upset, but it's not just about Astora's wounds, or the death of Aleera. The way he's been looking at you lately... with what's left of his face... Tiberius, be careful. I think in some way, he's blaming you." Veremis warns. Tiberius wasn't sure how to react to that. War was war, how was he supposed to know the enemy would send another group, he was just a subordinate! "Thanks, dad." Tiberius says. "Hey, I think we're past the border of our land, maybe we should head on back home?" Tiberius suggests. "Yeah, you're right." Veremis says as they turned and started heading back. Half way home, a cougar ambushed them. "Well, son, now you can show me how well you can fight!" Veremis called as the two fought the cougar. Yet another harsh fight in less than a year. This didn't last as long, but there were still wounds. Veremis had lost an ear, part of his tail, and a leg. Tiberius had some deep wounds as well. Carrying his wounded father back, Tiberius ran to the medic den and they started working on him. Then Loki showed. up. "First you get cocky with me and Felix on the front lines, we loose a sister, I loose and eye, our mother was seriously wounded, and now our father?! What is wrong with you, Tiberius?! You use to be the best! We're not even two years old yet, and it looks like your skills are failing!" Loki bellows. "Stand down, Loki!" Tiberius snaps back. "War is war, the loss of our sister, your eye, our mother getting hurt, I had no control over that! If you think I could have stopped it, then you could have to, so WHY DIDN'T YOU?!" Tiberius snaps back. For whatever reason, Loki snapped and lunged at Tiberius, and before he could even move, he felt a searing pain as Loki tore into his face behind his left eye. Pushing Loki back, Tiberius howled in pain as flesh and fur pulled away in a crescent moon pattern. Two guard hauled Loki away while Tiberius fell on the ground, still howling in pain. "YOU LET IT HAPPEN, TIBERIUS!" Loki yelled as the guards continued to drag him away. Tiberius was confined to the medic den while his face healed.

Going rogue
Another long six months later, Tiberius and Loki, the brothers who loved each other, were now more and more at odds. Veremis and Astora couldn't say anything to get the void between the two to close. It was only a matter of time of staying in the same area until the two young wolves snapped. In the middle of summer, Loki seemed to suddenly go crazy one day, the hatred burning over. While Tiberius was simply having some food, Loki attacked without warning. Right in the middle of the territory, the two brothers tore at each other, and for a while, Tiberius thought he could restrain his brother, until he barely managed to avoid Loki's fangs going for his throat. It was also the first time Tiberius had seen the guards too scared to get in the way. While circling each other, fur ruffled and bloody yet again, the brothers made one final lunge at each other. That was when the winner for the fight was decided. Tiberius had been quick enough to avoid his brother's strike, and also correct in time to latch onto the skin at the back of his brother's neck, Loki's own momentum causing the flesh to rip away, a critical wound. Falling to the ground, Loki gasped and sputtered, and tried to get back up, but it was pointless. He didn't get back up after two minutes. Taken back to the medic den again, Tiberius' wounds were tended too, and the alphas chose leniency on Tiberius, as the kill was made in self defense. However, after his wounds healed, Tiberius fled. Tracked down by the alphas and his parents, Tiberius had to explain that he didn't feel he could stay after killing his own brother. The alphas said that even though now a rogue wolf, we was welcome home, whenever he wanted. After embracing his parents for what Tiberius hoped wouldn't be the last time, they went their separate ways.

The present
Standing strong at three years old, Tiberius had matured into quite the wolf, keeping his past hidden, and his overlong brown mane covering his face and eyes so as to hide the scar on his face, Tiberius keeps his aggression in check, and mills around with his new pack mates when he can or had training to do, though he had gotten used to a small patch of grass where he could rest in the shade. While sociable, there were still times he wanted to be alone.

Name: Tiberius Daniil  Megalos
Nickname: Bandit
Age: 3 years
Genitals confirmed: Male
Damed by: Astora
Sired by: Veremis
Blood kin: Jasmine (other siblings deceased)
Species: Nightblood
Personality: Quiet, serious, protective, minor flirt

Love interests:
Eyes track: Dames
Eyes on: 1
Lusts for: 1
Submits to: 1
Bound to: Amithyx
Times mated: 0
Succeed: 0 Failed: 0 Pleasure: 0

Pack Relations/info:
Pack: Sangue Versato
Rank: Warmonger II
Rank Desired: Undecided
Previous ranks: Rogue, Warmonger I-
Bows head to: Bar and Oz

Like/friendly: 1
Neutral: 2
Dislike/hate: 1

Amithyx (like/friendly/mate): "Even though I haven't said it, you've become one of my first and closest friends around here. Starting to treasure the time we've spent together. And I aim to spend much more time with you. Maybe even be more than just friends, when the time is right. Guess it finally happened. We're one now. I won't let anything happen to you... my love."

Ozarian (Neutral): "Well, he's gotten us some training done. I'm not sure what to think of him yet, but at least he's trying. I think I can come to respect him, in time."

Barnum (Neutral/dislike); "Geez, is flirting with dames all this wolf does? He seemed ok in the first training he did with Oz, but c'mon, he needs to quit thinking with his dick for once. I hope he knows what he's really doing in the end."

Health: 100% Strength: 100% Speed: 100% Agility: 100%
Lives ended: 14
Permanent damage: Crescent moon scar on left side of face


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