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|: Amithyx Xerah Eauvou|:

:||: Amithyx Xerah Eauvoux :||: The Rebel Princess :||: 11ujmag 

General Information
Alias: Amythix
Dotage: 2 winter's long and 9 months
Gender: Vixen, Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Tall: 3'4"
Length: 4'6"
Thickness: 186 lbs

Old Ohana
Mother: Janelle Leera Trivoux
Father: Roxer Alexander Eauvoux
Siblings: 4/8 survived, Still unknown till this day [open]
Mated: Had given herself to Xeraph once, Been taken involuntarily by her uncle twice

Bound to: Tiberius Daniil Megalos
Mated: x0

Offspring: n/a

New Ohana

Pack: Sangue Versato
Joined: 07.09.17
Ranked: Rogue > Recruit SV > Warmonger SVw I > Warmonger SVwII
Aspiring: Wherever her path lead's her 
to as long as she becomes an acknowledge 
and respected member.
Trainings: None as of Yet
Spars: None as of Yet

- Walks
- Swimming
- Sleeping
- Gazing and staying out at Night
- Food
-Collecting odd objects
- Feistiness and Flirting
- Someone who can keep her mind occupied

- Arrogance
- Pushover's
- Inattentiveness 
- Narcissistic
- Her nervous Tail Twitch

- Her Collection of claws
- Nutmeg
- Food
- Play Fighting/Sparring

- Attempts to make funny jokes and puns
- Clumsy when not serious
- Flicks her tail as a nervous habit
- Sarcastic
- Challenging

Three Claws
2 Nutmegs
Looking for more nutmeg secretly

Strength's & Weaknesses
Mental: 7/10
Physical: 9/10
Stamina: 8/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Speed: 8/10
Hunting: 7/10
Swimming: 9/10
Dodging: 7/10
Quick Thinking: 9/10


*The Following Photos are referenced for their expressions 

off of google. I did not create these* 

As a Pup:

:||: Amithyx Xerah Eauvoux :||: The Rebel Princess :||: Suddenly_you_re_here_by_tazihound-d969j48

Roxer: "They are Beautiful!"

Janelle: "Aren't they , Look look at that one trying to be curious" pointing her maw at the one named Amithyx.

Roxer: "Whoah whoah there baby girl, too younge to be curious go on back under your mother" he smirked at Amithyx thinking about how he used to be whilst picking her up and placing her beside her mother to drink.

If you guessed it right, then you are a genius. She is and was a daddy's girl. As a pup she was kind, sweet, intrigued by all and any/many things. She was highly adored by her father and saw many good and bad things before the separation happened. Although her father was quite the Beta, He was next in line to take the thrown and well a neighboring enemy didn't want hit to take over, as they came from that Ohana and became traitors. Although this happened it didn't stop the family from getting stronger. The only issue was that the traitor had known the in's and out's and they figured if they covered their tracks they would be fine. They were not fine, not in the slightest. The pups were all together with a nanny when they came to destroy the territory and they got them from each angle. Every crease corner and exit was covered. As a quarrel started the nanny knew the escape route that led them underground and away from the camp. What they didn't perceive is for the traitor to know this path, That path was strictly made for the most trusted and High tiered Nanny, Alphas, and betas. At the end of the tunnel the Nanny looked back to make sure the pups were following and forgot to check the surrounding exit just in case since she figured it was far too much of a crazy quarrel for anyone to even have gotten that far, and got ambushed by the traitor and a few others. The pups squealed barked and whined as part of the warriors and guards set foot hot on the traitors tail and managed to attack them before they could get to the pups. The pups ran towards the Nanny and she was out like a light. It was a terrifying battle and being Amithyx , She growled her little growl and bared her tiny teeth at the other's while they fought."GO AWAY!" she screamed as another enemy came to assist and grab the pups, But she was a wiggler. Her tail started to twitch at the emotions she was getting and seeing her siblings get taken, She bum rushed the larger brute biting onto it's  forepaw and wiggled around. The large brute looked down with the other three in his maw and figured how did he miss one, He lifted a paw and smacked at the pup to hopefully put it out and carry it on it's back bat as soon as he did in came Roxer with dripping blood from his maw to attack him and have him let go of the pups. As soon as the brute did, since Roxer caught him by surprise, he dashed away with one pup and ran with all that he could. With that Roxer wouldn't let him get away as he tunnel visioned after him. It was a devastating day with deaths and separations. Amithyx awoke under some debris and a bunch of leaves in a warm cave as she opened her eye's and saw some fire that was burning and it scared her. Where was she? with the enemy. They managed to kill of some straggling loners and there was already fire there. It would die by morning and the first face she saw coming from the cave entrance was the traitors with a sleek smirky and cocky facial expression. From there her life turned upside down as a slave. She was no longer a loved princess but a piece of scrap that was tossed around beat.

As a Adolescent:

:||: Amithyx Xerah Eauvoux :||: The Rebel Princess :||: 1e199899a62d1d5773fac872b63a1032--anime-wolf-anime-manga

Emalie: "God you fucking Ignorant piece of shit... Why would you let it get away! It was our only sustenance" 

Amithyx: "What do you mean! Maybe if you would have lept on it's flank and slowed it down we wouldn't be here " As she growls at Emalie.

Xeraph: "Could you two stop fucking fighting, we will find something else !"

After a few moments the girls went at it and until Emalie had a sprained her right paw for a few weeks, That's when it stopped. Xeraph had lectured the two and shook his head as they found a safe haven they kept nearby to let Emalie heal before they continued on their trails. 

The rogue day's were nice, it was HELL!. She hated life out on her own but she only had the two that were close to family since the separation, the traitor using her and escaping the grasp of his hold was a life or death jump off a waterfall. How she survived she didn't know but she was found by Xeraph who traveled alone with Emalie for years already that came. They were not brother's and sisters but they had a minor crush on each other. That's until he met Amithyx. Once Amithyx came in and was offered to join their small congregation they said there was no rules and each is out for themselves. But she knew very well that she would be looking out for her since she didn't know them very well. After a few years things started to change, they became closer, fought off a bunch of other rigid loners experiencing the feral the way it was supposed to be experienced, at least in her eye's. Until the day came where she got betrayed yet again. They came into pack territory and the Alpha and Alphess were out and about and decided to take two out of the three in, and made them take a test to prove themselves before banishing the other. As the test started everything was fine until Emalie noticed that Amithyx was so focused on getting through it and not on her, practically about to get to the winning line. Managed to speed up enough to have her trip and Xeraph was just about to cross when it happened and tumbling went Amithyx. Amithyx knew there was nothing or any obstacle in her path at that time and all she felt was a paw slide before her right one. She was so shocked she didn't even get up she just stared at the distance that Emalie took as she looked back and Ami had a subtle frown that left Emalie with a scarred guilty conscious, but she was good at hiding it from Xeraph. Once Xeraph made it he looked back to see Emalie appear and smiled at first but then a frown came to shine when he didn't see Ami no where in the distance. Ami eventually came trotting a few minutes later with her tail twitching, her right hind paw barley able to sustain her weight, and bared teeth coming at Emalie before she was stopped by the Alpha and Xeraph in the middle blocking Emalie.

Xeraph: " What's with you she didn't do anything! "

Amithyx: "Oh that's What you think, she unfairly tripped me!" 

Emalie: "I did no such thing! Not my fault you fell behind and didn't see the rock that was literally right there Ami"

Amithyx: " You call me Amithyx , Fuck you, you filthy fucking bitch, you lier!" 

Ami couldn't handle it and decided to try and leap at her but was blocked by new pack memeber's of theirs and Xeraph. She turned and ran along not wanting to do anything with it. She was done with all the bullshit she had to go through since her separation. However, A few moments later Emalie asked for permission to try and calm it down with her and maybe they could try again. Deep down Emalie knew Ami wouldn't as she dashed over to her once she was about a mile away and Ami became defensive.

"Amithyx: "What do you want?!"

Emalie: "Just to tell you good luck, and.... I couldn't help it Ami, I've been with Xeraph my whole life... I had to be where he was and if it meant cutting you out as a secret, then so be it. I came before you" 

Amithyx growled in shock that no one was here to listen and as soon as she took a fighting stance she saw Xeraph trot up behind Emalie and missing the conversation. She stopped , stood whined and looked at Xeraph with an "I'll Miss you " expression before dashing off without any more words being spilled.

Xeraph: "AMITHYX! WAIT!"

The last words she heard broke her heart and made her a brick wall as she ran off into the distance. 

As an Adult:

:||: Amithyx Xerah Eauvoux :||: The Rebel Princess :||: 5766d751362aab40bb0e99868cbee2a5
Her face say's it all. A flirtatious yet calm and collected canine with a feisty demeanor that followed her and her large mouth that was heavily sarcastic and off standish. She tried her best to keep it under control and change especially after finding herself with Sangue Versato later on after her lasts quarrel with her only thing she could call family, Xeraph and Emalie. However this place really changed her once she was in. Her demeanor went from loud and quirky to quiet and lonesome. Very observative and kind from afar. Attentive and willing to grow in place where she knew she could, instead of being in the feral. Not many can break her wall , her or her spirit. Good luck to all of you getting to know this dame.

Packmates  Question || Acquaintances   Exclamation || Friend  Smile || BestFriend  Twisted Evil  || Crush   Embarassed  ||   Attracted  tongue  || Mate   I love you Dislike Rolling Eyes  || Enemy  Evil or Very Mad

Emalie  Question  Exclamation Smile Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad 
"I fucking hate your gut's you are pathetic and you ruined me. Thanks but no thanks. I'll kill you on sight bitch."

Xeraph  Question Exclamation Smile Twisted Evil Embarassed tongue
"I wish we had more time together, If . you only knew exactly what Emalie did to me, I hope she doesn't do it to you or anyone else in that nice Alpha's pack. I'll miss you Bestie, You kept me together and Now I'm Broken to all hell thank's to that cunt... Good luck Xeri"

Ozarian Question
"Well I mean, You aone of my alpha's, Your quiet, and I'm sparring you in a few weeks... Talk man talk, it'd be nice to hold a decent conversation with the regal's time to time.  "

Barnum Question Exclamation Smile Embarassed Smile
"Que Fresco! , You just have your mind in the gutter 24/7 ah! Sucio!, You seem like a deviant canid, talk more and less flirting, you might get somewhere *laughs* I hope I get to know you more, You aren't bad looking and you have you're moments."

Kav'jinn Question
" I finally met you somewhat and you go quiet. You're a strange one but I'd like to talk to you more perhaps? "

Anxiety  Question Exclamation Smile
"You've got a unique name to go with your anxiety, You showed  kindness and that doesn't come often. I thank thee"

Tiberious  Question Exclamation Smile Embarassed tongue I love you
" You stole my heart mi nene, I'm glad it was you. To be honest you've surprised me more way's than one. You're the only one that has seen that side of me that most won't ever see or meet. Babe I'll stick by your side no matter what. I'm your's.  " 

Venerix  Question
"We need to go on a hunt together soon, Sorry for the stare still hah! "

Ruvik Question
"You took my answers when I was going to answer the exact same thing, But it's all good. Seem's we have a similar mindset on what's important to a warmonger" 

Ashlyn Question
"Great answers during the training before we all got interrupted. I'd like to talk to you more you are super quiet and I hardly get to see anyone around camp. Seem's a lot of us are cautious of one another haha" 

Sieger Question Exclamation
"darling, I love it , it's amusing, and your formality was even better. We have a twin paw and just with our interaction alone I know we will be great friends! I love a good laugh and you made my day! *Cheers* TO MORE ADVENTURES! "

Vi  Rolling Eyes
"You are such a bitch, Learn some fucking manners and maybe you won't get snapped at. Though I dare you to try me, You'll be "licking your own tail" if you do. "

:||: Amithyx Xerah Eauvoux :||: The Rebel Princess :||: E7852bd3053cfd48110398e90393e14e--beautiful-eyes-life-is-beautiful

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